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A step back towards cassette futurism

I have a long winded post about why, essentially, I'm here over on Official Donut proper, but it comes down to something I think most of us agree on: the present landscape of technology largely sucks, and we're all kind of tired of it. There's something so refreshing of lightweight tech that demands simplicity over flashiness and algorithmically delivered content. The small web, including Gopher and Gemini, is deliberate and intimate. It feels like a step back in time, in a good way, like a choice to stop web 2.0 before it ever started.

I've come to like the aesthetics of Cassette Futurism. Think electronics from anime in the 80s and 90s. Bigger, a little clunkier, hardier, and repairable. Electronics in the real world 1980s Japan reflect this as well, like the Sharp Twin Famicom, or MSX computers. Devices you could feel a connection to.

So I'm here to slow down, to be deliberate, to connect. And also ramble about stuff, like Owning Your Own Shit, post-post-apocalyptic solarpunk worlds, Blaseball, and things whatever esoteric thing crosses my path.


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