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We May Not Look Like Much

The Garages released their double LP concept album, Disciple, last night, and had a watch party and Q&A on Twitch. This are always great community Blaseball events. Everyone who can gathers in the chat and basically screams at the songs, and if they already know them, shout out lyrics (in a text-base sense). I managed to ask one singer how they can sing one of my favorite songs of all time (not just a Garages song) “The Ballad of the Unremarkable Derrick Krueger” without crying. Answer: They can’t, which is vindicating, because neither can I.

This morning I finished the Garages Q and A, and emailed their anachro-syndicalist label to say, yes, please make CDs, I will buy them. And then I listened to Discipline over and over again. My vinyl copy, delayed by shipping snafus and COVID and PVC shortages because of the whole Texas thing in February, finally has a shipping date in November. I cannot wait to listen to it when it gets here.



The Garages on Bandcamp
Discipline, an album about Blaseball’s first era
My favorite version of “The Ballad of the Unremarkable Derrick Krueger”
Seattle Met article, “How The Garages Became Seattle’s Biggest Band