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Fiddling Around

I’ve had some time off, and of course I used that to erase my Raspberry Pi 4 and install a new OS on it. Previously, I’ve done the standard Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu, and Diet Pi, and they’re fine, but getting them to a place where I could use them the way I wanted was just about borderline impossible. This week I got Ubuntu MATE up and running and I’ve been really pleased with it. Previously, I’ve found Obsidian ran terribly, but on MATE it runs way better. It’s still a little slow — the RPi is not a powerful computer — but MATE runs it way better.

I got VNC set up and Lagrange running, and with Obsidian sync I’m pretty happy with what I have set up. Sadly, Typora doesn’t have an ARM64 version, but Ghostwriter works just fine.

I could, of course, do all of this on my tower/gaming computer. But, honestly, it’s more fun on the Pi.