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Hey what the hell? When did it suddenly become November?

The last few weeks of my life have been far more action-packed than I would have preferred. A family medical event (expected, everything is fine), a busy job, and the return(ish) of Blaseball[1], I'm suddenly awake in a completely different month.

The thing that's keeping me going the most is a project I started on the side, just for fun, that's ended up being 27k words and counting. All I wanted to do was give my Blaseball OC some time in the sun, and he's getting a whole damn beach vacation[2], which honestly, good for him. I love him and he deserves attention.

I've never participated in NaNo before, but my goal is to get this thing done by the end of November. Then I can figure out what to do with this hyper specific project. Put it up on itch, I think, pay what you want. Why not?


[1] The Game Band is going back to basics and running tests to see what their users like. If you're interested in Blaseball, this is the perfect time to get in.

Introducing Blaseball: Short Circuits

[2] Paraphrasing Terry Pratchett about his Watch characters from Discworld, who also deserve love