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The Great Resignation hits home

The phrase The Great Resignation is really funny to me because I know it's intended to be kind of a scary thing, at least to businesses. But really, the only businesses that should worry are the ones who have been relying on underpaying their employees as part of their bottom line.

My organization should be worried. Turn over is extremely high right now, because people are being underpaid, and they're moving on to places that will pay them what they're worth. Which, in this case is another organization extremely like mine, but privately funded. I considered jumping ship to them too. They certainly pay better and the commute would be shorter. But...

One of the people in my department is leaving, and I've basically been shadowing them for the last year and change. I know the job, I've been learning the software, and I know that I'm one of the few people in my organization that knows it (Mac administration via Jamf). I've applied for the job, and if I get it, it's a five figure raise for me. Actually, I think the highest salary I've ever made. We'll see, but my boss implied they wanted me to apply. I hope I could get it.

I know I'm going to have to learn bash scripting and some AppleScript for the position, but honestly I can do that, and I know how to use Google so...