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Moving up and Subways

So I did get that job, and I started a few weeks ago. It's been a few weeks of playing catch up, and learning the system, and being The Guy That Knows Things. It's nice to be in that place again, where I can actually talk about things with authority.

It also means I have barely had time for things like gem space, which is a bummer (and also writing at my desk when I should be working). But I'm getting paid better! And I work at the pace of an adult. Which is refreshing.

I did find a few small web site that I adore. Okay, maybe not SMALL small, but it's very late web 1.0.

NYC Subway

Entries all about the NYC Subway, its lines, its history, and so on. Lots of really good pictures here.

Abandoned Stations

Photos taken between 2001 and 2004, I believe on film, itself a beautiful time capsule of the NYC subway at that time. Also, the information itself is really nice.


24 April 2022