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Smart Watch

Yesterday I forgot to put on my apple watch before work, and didn't realize it until I walked in the door. It's not the first time this has happened, but it felt different this time. I told my partner I had forgotten my watch, and I'd likely be slow to respond to messages, and that was it.

It felt... nice, actually.

The thing is, I like my apple watch. It does what it says on the tin, it's durable, it's lasted at least four years, it's just rock solid. But it's too much. Like a lot of technology these days, it's just too much. I find myself missing my old Pebble watch, the first gen that came out. It did what I needed it to: tell time, and tell me if I have texts. I don't need anything else. Also, I dug the e-ink display. My apple watch is pretty, but all I need is black and white.

It's sad we'll never see another Pebble -- they got bought out by FitBit, and now there's nothing left. I really do feel like people think the Pebble isn't enough in a consumer market, but I'd happily get another one. It'd be a nice, cheap alternative.


10 Aug 2022