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A brief lull

I'm in a bit of a holding pattern today. I have things I need to take action on, but I can't until tomorrow. I've gone down my list, and now I'm just waiting. That's fine, I can entertain myself, I grew up in the 90s.

Some things:

I've been looking at getting a NeoCities page. I'm sticking around here, I love smol.pub. NeoCities would be a good personal hub, a place to put links and photos and interests outside of social media. It looks easy, it looks like it has a lot of good features, and it's part of the indie web, and I like that a lot. It'll be fun to play with, especially since my experiment with having a VPS doesn't seem to have worked out (which is fine, that's what experimenting is for).

The Blaseball zine jam ended a few weeks ago, and I'm still kind of recovering! But man, what an incredibly creative group. We ended up with 56 pieces total from something like 50 participants. I love the jam and people creating a thing because it's fun to creative a thing. And I met so many people who felt the same, including someone who's familiar with decentralization and small web and Gemini.

Zine Jam here, on itch.io
Drawing Moistly, a collection of doodles and drawings about my selected Blaseball team, the Canada Moist Talkers
The Salt, a group collaboration AU about a Halifax where all the water is gone, and the coven trying to bring it back

There's surprisingly little Blaseball in The Salt, and I think you could dive in without knowing about it. We're really proud of our little horror world, and we've been so excited to show it off to people

I fly to a conference next week for work. It's the first time I've been flying since 2019. I can't say I miss it, but here we are. It'll be fun, though, I hope, the conference, not the flying. Flying is a miserable experience. I'm getting a Covid booster, just in case. I'll probably feel like shit tomorrow, but better tomorrow than catching Covid next week.

My coworker has it. He told us Wednesday night, and I was exposed the Monday before. I haven't felt any of the symptoms, except Monday night when I felt like shit all of a sudden. I like to think that was my body crushing the virus, but who can say. Hopefully, this new booster won't kick my ass the way the others did.


19 Sept 2022