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A quick vacation

I got back from a small vacation yesterday. I took the train up to Chicago on Tuesday, puttered around the city for a couple of days, rode the L, zoomed around on a Divvy bike, skulked around the enemy's baseball stadium (it's neat! I would have done a tour if they were having them), and generally was on no one's schedule but my own for a few days.

I ended up in Wicker Park, to see Myopic Books, of course, but also Quimby's. Quimby's is a bookstore full of independent publications, and more importantly, zines. I've been going through my backlog, and picked up a few there. It's a great store, and if I make it back to Chicago, I plan on going again. That it's right on a subway line is just an added bonus.

Part of this trip was to have time to myself to focus on creative work. I really didn't do that. Since I put out my last big project, my brain has been empty. I feel like I have nothing to say, which actually concerns me a little. I think I'm worn out, though, and maybe this is a sign that I need to just read for a while. I should get back to nonfiction, that tends on getting the brain stew bubbling.

A couple of things:

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5 November 2022