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I kind of went into head-down mode for the last part of the year. Been working on a problem at work that I haven't been able to fix, and it's not been kind to my mental health. It's a situation where everyone outside the organization I ask says, "if I were in your situation, I would simply make it work," and like, what do I even say to that? Oh, clearly I'm just over here making it not work, I should flip the "issue works now" switch. It's humiliating, and not having the answer is killing the burnt out gifted kid in me.

I finally killed my Twitter account. Once the in the open nazis started coming back, the Musk shitshow stopped being fun. And while I miss having access to certain people, I haven't missed Twitter in the least. I had stopped thinking about it entirely, except for occasional burst of "oh yeah, that was a thing I used to do." I'm basically down to Tumblr as far as social media goes, though I did pick up a cohost account, which has been really nice, actually. Cohost gives me major Gem Space feelings, in that it feels young and secret, and full of really cool people talking about interesting things.

I've also been playing with Blot, a blogging platform "with no interface," which is to say, it uses Markdown files (or text files, or HTML files, or...) in a Dropbox, or Google Files, or Github folder. It's neat, and it creates a backup solution immediately. It's been fun, poking at it. My plan right now is to use it as a place to collect stories for zines. And also to talk about its little raccoon mascot, because I love him.

The problem is, now that I have a platform that I enjoy using (this place included), my mind is blank. I want to be saying things, I just feel like I have nothing to say (I understand the irony of posting here, I get it. It's different). Fun challenges for the new year.

Oh, Blaseball comes back tomorrow. That's a whole other post.

I hope your year goes well for you.


8 Jan 2023