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News of my demise, etc etc

So, some quick advice: Don't get COVID.

I went back to Seattle in the beginning of March, wore a mask the whole time (my partner did not. I think this is important). We got to drop in on Emerald City Comic Con, which was well missed, and I was so happy to be there, and also just walk around the city again. I miss walking around cities.

My partner was sick by the time we were done at ECCC (they did wear a mask there, as we do for conventions). By the time we got home, I had cold-like symptoms. That Tuesday I was fully sick with it.

Let me tell you, anyone who says it's like a bad flu dismissively... do they remember what a bad flu is like? It's awful.

Anyway, three months out, I still have a little bit of a cough, and my brain fog has mostly cleared up. I truly believe it could have been so much worse, if I had not gotten vaccines. I wish I had gotten the booster before I left town.

I'm back to writing. There's things to talk about, and my story juices are going.


12 June 2023